Having a perfect website are the priorities of the website owners and developers, but there are plenty sites in the market that are committing serious eye sores for the visitors. Here we will show you the five website design sins. So in the future, you can avoid or even lessen the problem this design sins are generating.


The Five Website Design Sins

  1. Dysfunctional Navigation
    Navigation are the most important part of the site, it contains all the contents you want to present to the visitors. It will be your front desk in helping the site visitors see what they want. Yes, it can be easy to design and create but it’s also easy to screw up. Starting from its position, font size and links in the navigation bar. Even it’s beautiful to look at but if it is not functioning it’s useless.
    Also some site does not support mobile devices. It also messes up the navigation of the site as well. Having small fonts and congested navigation bars is a big problem. The site visitors will have difficulty clicking or touching the part that they want to see.
  2. Bad Typography
    Our next sins are the most common mistake being committed by the web designers and site owners. This can easily make the visitors hit the back button. When creating a website design you need a good thinking and planning of the content you’ll going to put in your site. It’s not just the font size, but also the width of the page, paragraph, even spacing, text alignment and other document related stuff. All of this will greatly affect the legitimacy and readability of the content, giving the visitors more time to spend on your site and read the contents.
  3. Oversize Images
    Maybe you believe in a saying that “size doesn’t matter” but in web design “size does matter”. In the industry of web designing, it is a factor that can greatly affect your design in a good way or bad way. If you have a layout that can adapt to any device or resolution having a beautiful graphics is a good choice but if you put huge images on the page your effort will surely go to waste. Even it looks perfect for your layout, the visitors will just be pissed because of the long loading time before the images render completely. You can optimize this image there are various programs available online to fix this mistake.
  4. JavaScript
    There are numerous website that is relying on JavaScript. There are various pages that are not loading without the help of JavaScript. Enhancing your site with JavaScript is ok, but if it is not necessary for the site’s functionality you need an alternative ways. Your main goal should be is to make sure everything necessary is working on any platforms and devices.
  5. Video/Audio Autoplay
    One of the most annoying elements of a website is the video or audio playing suddenly. It will throw away the visitors instantly, in not a pleasure while you are browsing or reading a content in your site when and out of nowhere an audio or video started playing in the sidebar and background. Also, having the controls hidden is a big mistake. Always provide the controls for the video or audio because some of the visitors might not want an audio or video playing while browsing or navigating.