Whether you’re running an online shop or business, it is essential that you invest in a well optimized website design. Having a well optimized web design gives you an edge in making a sale or not. Australian base company, such as Kane Sherwell Web development, has the tools, resources and skilled expert to assist you with your website design, making it a top rank site in the niche market.

Here are some of the benefits of a well optimize web page

First Impression Counts

Same principle in a real life situation, it goes as well in the virtual world. You always want your home page to be an attention grabber and it entices the visitor to explore more about your site.

Also, you should consider site to be user friendly and doesn’t contain design and content that does not make sense at all. If customers are unable to find what they are looking for on your site, they will quickly back away and may never return again.

Keyword-Rich Content

Providing customers with contents that are very interesting and is actually useful to them is a key part in creating a website design. You want to make sure your website design is optimized and keyword rich content, giving it a higher ranking in search engines, you also want your content on your site are clear, fluent and useful.

Most of the customers prefer sites with useful content that they can benefit as well. Plus, most of the search engines now a day have a very strict policy regarding keyword stuffing and having no original content or any value given to the site.

Showcase Your Skill

Incorporating your skill and showcasing what you are offering makes the customers thinking of your site to be a trustworthy one. For instance, you have a carpentry tools site that sells, tape measures, hammers, set of pliers and many more, and then make sure your website has a crafty design and full of helpful tips regarding woodworking, carpentry and some Do It Yourself blogs. Same goes with a furniture base website, you need to exhibit your most interesting piece of furniture, best sellers and other information regarding woods and wood crafts.

Increased Average Time On Site

As you set up your website, it will all go to waste if no one visit or if someone visit the site the time they spent will be just a mere second. You have a limited amount of time to capture a website visitor’s attention. The best way to that is by cleaning up site’s design

Keep your site simple yet enticing to venture. Making it clutter free gives the visitors more idea about your site, users should see instantly the useful part of a page when they landed on the site. Having fewer things to look at then they are more likely to focus and stay on the page.

Faster Website Load Speed

Speed is important, everything is on the go as previously mentioned above time is limited. A not well optimized website will render slowly or even worst it will not load at all. There are studies that are proven users will abandon the page if they have to wait more than 6 to 10 seconds.