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From what your audience sees to all
the mechanics behind the scenes

Choose your Plan

Basic Plan

ONLY $150

Per month

2 hours of support – $160

Hosting – $20

Standard Plan

ONLY $500

Per month

8 hours of support – $640

Hosting – $20

Full Service Plan

ONLY $1000

Per month

16 hours of support – $1280

Hosting – $20

If you require FULL TIME support, Kane can customise a plan to suit your requirements. Enquire here.

What are edits?

Traffic increases, pages load slowly, site riddled with errors — if your website is anything short of swift and easy, visitors will log off, never to return again. A smooth, efficient web experience says a great deal about your business — you care about your visitors and take the time to care for your site.

Kane Sherwell Web development.. provides you with a programming team to help you sustain the integrity of your application and ensure your website stays error-free. You’re assured one-on-one support from a professional who knows your code and configuration, whether you select just a corrective action, the database support or optimization support.

Content updates

Speed Optimisation

Website Plugin Updates

Creating New Pages

Backend Fixes


Backing up your assets, keeping them secure — not only is it essential, it’s a lifesaver if you ever need to return to an earlier file, database, image or configuration.

Kane Sherwell Web development makes it easy to work with multiple versions of your backup. If you’re not sure which backup to restore from, you can choose either the previous day or the previous week.


  • Data Transfer 10 GB/month
  • Disk Space 1 GB
  • Mailboxes 15
  • Domain Hosting 1 Domain name
  • Server Platform Windows or Linux
  • Technical Support Email & Telephone
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • No setup fee


  • MAP Support
  • POP3 Support
  • E-mail Aliases
  • E-mail Forwarding
  • Webmail
  • Virus Filter
  • SpamFilter


  • FTP Access
  • Web Control Panel
  • Mail Control Panel
  • Daily Backup
  • Website statistics

Monthly Reviews

A watchful eye on your website is essential to ensure it’s “business as usual” — without glitches, bugs or flaws.


Kane Sherwell Web development will provide you with:

Monthly Google analytics reports – This is a report showing how many users have visited your website and where they are coming from. You can use it to tailor your marketing and increase your traffic.

Speed optimisation reports – A fast website can improve your seo ranking and help convert users. Every month we will complete a site review and give required improvements.

Regular suggestions on how to improve the website – We pride ourselves in creating modern and high converting websites. Each month Kane will give suggestions on how you can stand out from the crowd. It could be by design, SEO or even social media. Its up to you if you want the work completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you require FULL TIME support, Kane can customise a plan to suit your requirements. Enquire here.

We are expert PHP developers, each with 7+ years of experience and dozens of websites developed. Saying that our favourite systems are WordPress, Magento and Shopify.

We can also handle Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET and Drupal if required.

Kane Sherwell Web development uses TeamWork project management system to house all tasks and messages. All staff and clients are connected in transparency, with 24/7 access to site updates. You simply upload the required task and it’s actioned asap.

Yes, Kane Sherwell (project manager) responds to all enquiries and ensures a programmer is ready to complete your tasks. You will have a dedicated programmer who understand how your site is setup and operates. But if he/she is absent, Kane Sherwell Web development has a number of other resources to complete your tasks ASAP.

Only on tasks over 2 hours will we send you a quote. Tasks under 2 hours will be actioned asap.

Should you want all tasks quoted, please advise Kane

Yes, our plans are very flexible and we only need 1 months’ notice to change. Should you choose to cancel the agreement, you only need to pay the remaining hosting charge.

(Basic hosting plan is $240 for 12 months)

No, as our hours are at discounted rates, the hours must be used within the month.